International Certification

Why CMC - Certification?
  1. International recognition:
    • CMC is a unique and worldwide competence standard for individual management consultants.
    • CMC ensures that certified management consultants serve their clients with high level competence and professionalism.
  2. Elitist international community of management consultants:
    • Public Relations and networking platforms provided by the National Institutes of Management Consultants and ICMCI.
  3. Increase of transparency, security and confidence for clients
  4. Improvement of the profession´s image

CMC - Benefits for Clients

CMC ensures:
  • Consulting: performance, experience and ethics
  • Consultants: knowledgeable, skilful, competent, trustworthy
    • thus facilitates the selection and evaluation of adequate management consultants
    • Monitoring on a regular basis ensures a mature management consulting performance
    • Permanent education secures fundamental and up-to-date knowledge

CMC - Benefits for Consultants

  • In-house access to CMC professional qualification
  • Title of CMC can be obtained
  • Portable internationally recognized professional qualification
  • Lasting formal recognition of training, development and experience
  • Discipline of continued professional development
  • Route for engagement with profession outside practice
  • Contributes to attraction of being employed as a professional within practice

CMC - Benefits for accredited practices

  • External recognition of excellence of training and development of consultants – measured according to approved international standard
  • Enhances stature of practice with clients showing otherwise invisible internal efforts
  • Increases recognition of staff achievements
  • Provides incentive for staff for continued professional development
  • Provides structure for monitoring CPD
  • Gives incentive in quality recruitment
  • Establishes membership of practice in DMR including networking, influencing policy and strategy

CMC Certification for Management Consultants in St Lucia is conducted by the Caribbean Institute of Certified Managements Consultants (CICMC) based in Barbados. For information on becoming certified through CICMC please refer to this document.

For more information on certification, visit the ICMCI website at: