The Association of Management Consultants (St Lucia) Inc (AMCS) has been in existence since 2005 with a membership that carries a wide range of practice areas related to improving organizational performance and capturing opportunities presented in the local and regional economic space.

We are a community of professional consultants who foster excellence and integrity in the management consulting profession. We are dedicated to advancing the profession and delivering our talent and experience to provide a superior resource to our client communities.

We participate in the process of management consulting within a framework of appropriate and relevant professional disciplines and ethics designed for the activity of management consulting. The Management Consulting Competency Framework defines our competencies and our standards set forth the knowledge, skills and behaviors required of successful management consultants.

The skills of our membership include:
  • Change management
  • Business process design
  • Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Governance and Organizational Development

Our Vision

Our vision for the AMCS is that of a vibrant organization playing a leading role in the development and promotion of Management Consulting practises in St Lucia and the wider CARICOM region. We also see the organization as part of a larger network of Management Consulting associations in the region, influencing economic policy and building operational efficiencies in both private and public sector organizations.

Our Mission

The AMCS’ Mission is to serve as the front-line of management consultants in Saint Lucia, identifying, recruiting, and retaining members by:

  • Providing opportunities that contribute substantive value to members in their management consulting practices including certification; and
  • Lobbying for an appropriate enabling environment that will help to develop and grow the management consulting sector.

Our Professional Reputation

As an organization we value the following:

  • Strict adherence to a code of conduct and ethical guidelines
  • The effective sourcing and application of knowledge relevant to the needs of our clients
  • Collaborating and building strategic alliances with like minded entities to provide superior value to our clients
  • The formation of public/private sector partnerships to further the developmental aspirations of our country
  • Continuous professional development of our members (including certification as it demonstrates a commitment to the Management Consulting profession

Our Values

The AMCS requires all members to abide by a Universal Code of Professional Conduct. This Code protects the client, the profession, other members, and the public. B becoming certified, members demonstrate professionalism and show a commitment to the management consulting profession.

Our Highest Priority Goals over the next 3 Years